Tree Hunting

Seriously? I can't post any more photos?

Blogger. I quit.

You're going to start charging and limiting, I'm out.

I will be abandoning Blogspot so watch for address update soon.


Halloween II

The pre Halloween thrift store shopping experience.
 Found a wet suit for Reed for our Christmas in Florida this year.
 Reed begged and begged and begged for us to buy him this night dress.

 We found so many great things for Ned!  It was like a costume schmorgasborg.

 Will really resisted dressing up as a bunny.
 I found this SWEET jacket and had my Matrix Niobe outfit all planned.
I looked at the price tag.  $30 is a little excessive for one piece of the Halloween costume.

The main reason I hate our little thrift shop (one of 4 in a town of 2,000?!?  WHAT?!?  anywho...)
is the prices are pretty much ridiculous.  Seriously people, this stuff is DONATED to you!  Bikes for $500...what the?!?

Then we found some funny hats.


Halloween Sights

Reed tried to back out of make-up because he thought everybody was being mean when they called him "Hey Beardie"  I had to let him know they were having fun and enjoying his make-up.

Sensitive boy.

A fantastic display outside "The Pancake House"

They had a party last week where locals brought carved pumpkins and they are lit every night.

The boys are probably twenty feet in front of the display.  It is not small.  
I would estimate it's 30 feet high. 

Reed's class party I got to just be an observer Mom.  Doesn't happen much.

The purple witch won my vote for favorite.

Will's class.
 More work for me but fun!

This is one of our boy's good friends, Spencer

Reed & Will were rodeo clowns last year but Reed insisted on being a cowboy this year.
The year before Reed was a soldier so Will wanted to be just like his big brother.

I'm planning to be more creative next year.

I'm leaning towards Tarzan and his ape family.

Who votes for Ned in a loin cloth?