Halloween II

The pre Halloween thrift store shopping experience.
 Found a wet suit for Reed for our Christmas in Florida this year.
 Reed begged and begged and begged for us to buy him this night dress.

 We found so many great things for Ned!  It was like a costume schmorgasborg.

 Will really resisted dressing up as a bunny.
 I found this SWEET jacket and had my Matrix Niobe outfit all planned.
I looked at the price tag.  $30 is a little excessive for one piece of the Halloween costume.

The main reason I hate our little thrift shop (one of 4 in a town of 2,000?!?  WHAT?!?  anywho...)
is the prices are pretty much ridiculous.  Seriously people, this stuff is DONATED to you!  Bikes for $500...what the?!?

Then we found some funny hats.