We get a great view of our lake from North Beach

Cheeto Addict

The jet skiers are constantly taunting me with their toys.  I'd love to push them off and steal those toys.

Wednesday we took a short 8 hour drive through the mountains. We went to Warren and through the mountains to Yellow Pine. We got SO lucky because a little past halfway, the road had been closed because of mudslides. We got to the workers at about 4:15 and they had just finished and opened the road. LUCKY! The one picture (sorry they are a little dark) says the elevation of the Elk Creek Summit at 8670 feet. It was absolutely gorgeous. Found lots of great camping spots and got to see lots of beautiful river. Well worth the 150 miles 8 hour drive. Yeah, we had to drive a little slow. When you go to Warren, be sure to eat at the cafe. GREAT BURGERS!