I didn't post any pictures of our rocking sweet Easter Egg Hunt in New Meadow

Riley and I stategerized before starting and I thought heading for the middle of the gym and picking up the bag, skipping all the little eggs along the way, might be the way to go.

She followed obediently and in the egg was a grand prize gold coin (ala Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comes to mind). A day pass to Zim's Hot Springs and a fancy basket. Atta girl!!

The kids had a blast. Thanks SO much to the organizers and all those who donated.

We have a little spring time weather

So the boys went outside to play.

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Yep I'm gunna post more pictures. But right now I'm bored with blogging. SOOOOOORY!


Reed lost his first tooth

And the tooth fairy totally screwed up. She didn't leave a trail of fairy dust. Even though she had fairy dust in her bag. DAMMIT!

They kicked us out of the gym

So we took the horde into the pool. We had so much fun with Brian and Rima's family

Gold Fork Hot Springs

Egg Hunt and Snowmachines

The women's hockey club sponsored a citywide egg hunt. In the eggs were coupons for the participating business'. We wandered around McCall for a couple hours hunting for eggs. We started about 2 hours too late because other people had found and taken ALL the eggs at certain locations. Instead of taking one egg and leaving some for the rest of the community, they took ALL the eggs at that business. A little better planning was needed on the hockey team's part. But the kids had fun searching! Notice our beautiful scenery in the middle of April. Our lake is still solidly frozen and we have lots of snow on the ground.

These would be the reason I want lots of snow on the ground! Brian and Rima's left us a couple Christmas presents when they came down to visit and I want to ride every day until they come to pick them up. THANKS FAMILY!!!