The Second Ride for Will

Reed is an old pro at riding now



Will's Four Years Old!

We surprised Will with his first trip to the circus for his birthday.

He said the motorcycles in the cage was his favorite.

The photos are pretty crappy because they are done with my phone b/c I forgot my big camera.

We had a blast having Megan and her kids come with us. Are you still hurting from the big chunk of change Megsy Pegsy?

Reed rode an elephant! We came home and researched all about elephants and now he's an expert. Ask him anything =D


Reed went to the zoo for his birthday.

His best friends Riley & TJ came too. We thoroughly enjoyed having our friends come. Thanks! So good to see Michelle and meet Davin even if it was a quick visit. We had crazy schedules and always try to fit so much in.

I can't believe I don't have pictures of the wonderfully delish dinner @ Cheesecake Factory that Reed tells EVERYONE about. THANKS NANA!

Cody brought some great "educational" action figures for the boys. YOU ROCK!

We sure missed Max since he decided to nap while Maddi & Macey came to see the animals with us.

Reed has tons of great memories to pack away.

Pix for Michelle