Our Christmas 2009




Reed's choir performed at the Little White Church Sunday morning for their worship service. At the end Santa came in ringing bells and all the kids jumped up to follow him downstairs where they had TONS of goodies and each child got a gift bag. The boys were in Santa Heaven! So fun



At The Club today

How to throw a punch

Sorry about the crappy quality it's from my crappy Motorola Q

Before Boot Camp this morning Reed wondered if Cristy would teach him to throw a punch.

She delivered!

Reed Began Violin Lessons Last Week



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It's been 2 months since I posted photos.

BAD MOMMY! I'll post some today. PROMISE!


ned down slide

I wanted to post some fun pictures of our family reunion

We did a hike to table rock. Check out my facebook profile for pictures!

"Hot Mama...yep guys she's single! Come and get her =D"

"Top of the Slide"

"Love the bums"

"Booster Boy"

"Legos anyone?"


Weiser Idaho Stake LDS Girls Camp 2009

We had a TON of fun!

The First Outing with our Pop Up Camp Trailer


I was busy getting my life in order before girls camp and it was raining but Ned took the boys camping anyways.

They had a blast! Caught 2 fish in 4 days.

Ned does NOT have FISHING skills. A little help from ANYBODY PLEASE! My boys are pretty much "if they ain't fishin' they's wishin' they was fishin!" And they're not catching much.
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Lunch is the best time to snap photos





Get together in Boise at Roaring Springs

I got my camera out 2 times and Kelly's family wasn't around either time. GOSH!

So we get some of the kids
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Our short love affair with Stinky the goat




Ned couldn't hack it

Reed was reluctant to drink it

Sometimes it was yucky

Took a LOT of time

So Stinky went back to her farm family
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I can't remember where we were. Some "point" in Cali

Found it...Dana Point

Click on the picture for an enlarged view

You can't read the sign but it says "do not collect anything from the beach" I took home "Beach in A Box" to the Nays and there was a pet snail in it. Come & get me coppers.

Of course the boys made a new friend. Old Surfer Dude. I wanted to get a picture of them surfing but they were too chicken to ask him if they could stand on his board.

San Diego Zoo


The Second Ride for Will

Reed is an old pro at riding now



Will's Four Years Old!

We surprised Will with his first trip to the circus for his birthday.

He said the motorcycles in the cage was his favorite.

The photos are pretty crappy because they are done with my phone b/c I forgot my big camera.

We had a blast having Megan and her kids come with us. Are you still hurting from the big chunk of change Megsy Pegsy?

Reed rode an elephant! We came home and researched all about elephants and now he's an expert. Ask him anything =D