Our First Year of Soccer

I was "flipping" through pictures and saw these. I don't believe I ever posted pictures of our first season of soccer, Summer of 2007. There was coaxing and bribing for us to keep Reed on the field but by the end of the season, he thought he was pretty hot stuff. He was THE BEST goalie on the team. He must get that from me =D

This summer there was NO problem keeping him on the field because Will was there and Reed had to show him how it was done.

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See Santa at the Mall

Reed asked for a snow machine. "A toy one?" Santa asks. Reed caves "Yes". Come on go for the gold boy! A REAL one!

Will asked for a knife. "Mom, can Santa bring Will a knife?" Santa is very curious. "Is it for fishing?" Mom wonders. "Yes!" Will says. "OK" Santa seemed a little nervous to say he could bring a 3 year old a knife. We are rednecks!

Ned was on the second level taking covert pictures and my head was in the way. SORRY!

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